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At GRAISIN Robotics we provide robots and artificial intelligence as a Service.

Introducing the GRAISIN A1

Next gen robotics labor. Affordable prices.

Hire one for $2 / hour.

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Meet Man's New Best Friend.


GRAISIN Machine Learning.

GRAISIN: MindStone

Better AI for robotics. Platform agnostic computer vision, navigation, human interaction, and other enterprise artificial intelligence.

GRAISIN: Machine Engine

Enterprise Machine Learning + Deep Learning Services.

Automate painful and tedious tasks

Reduce errors and cost. All while increasing efficiency.

Save money and time

Let powerful AI handle complex tasks.

Run operations more efficiently

Computer vision and world class OCR enables you to do more.

GRAISIN Automated Manufacturing.


Manufacturing, Warehousing, Logistics.

Fueled by AI. Automated with robotics.

Automated Labor
Automated Labor
Affordable automated manufacturing, part finishing, warehousing, and quality assurance.
Reduced Costs
Reduced Costs
Implement AI Factory and lower your overhead and reduce the amount of staff you require.
Increased Output
Increased Output
Robots don't need to sleep, have lunch, or take a vacation. Keep operations running 24/7.

GRAISIN: Tech-enabled Staffing

AI powered on-demand staffing.

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Next Gen Team Management

Access the most powerful on-demand employment platform on the market.

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